Press Release

Joint Task Force for APEC Security set Structure through Exercise Long Reach


The Joint Task Force comprised of the Papua New Guinea disciplined forces, key stakeholders and the Australian police and military personnel have successfully completed a cooperative exercise to create a plan for the command and control centre of Security for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2018 (APEC) here in Port Moresby.

Joint Security Task Force Commander ACP Naua Vanuawaru (r) receives gifts from Col Travis Gordon of the ADF as a round off routine for Exercise Long

According to the workshop team leader and representative of the Australian Defense Force Lieutenant Colonel Travis Gordon of the Australian Defense Force (ADF) Head Quarters 1st Division, “the APEC is an important regional event and coordination and building relationship will see a successful outcome of the APEC in 2018”.

The outcome of the exercise is a brief describing and recommending to the hierarchy of the respective disciplined forces the extent of manpower, logistical support, networking needed and to immediately work on recruiting staff for the Joint Task Force (JTF).

According to the commander of the Joint Task Force (JTF) and Assistant Police Commissioner Naua Vanuawaru the five key outcomes were reached after the weeklong long exercise. Vanuawaru announced that of the outcomes the working groups found that the JTF plan should contain the following aspects;

  • Establishing relationships between Government agencies, private sector and, business community and international partners
  • Information sharing between organizations
  • Engaging multiple organizations about APEC 2018
  • Determining the JTF HQ structure, manning and governance requirements
  • Establishing planning teams for the future

Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Commissioner Gari Baki as guest speaker said the outcomes of this exercise should not only be restricted for the APEC 2018 but sustained for future events as the central command centre for security of these future events.

According to LTCOL Gordon (ADF) future planning events will be occurring before the APEC 2018 to enhance capacity for the command centre of security.