Press Release

Air Niugini


Picture taken during the launching at the Jackson’s Airport on the 14th of August, 2018. Present during the launching was the APEC Minister - Honorable Justin Tkatchenko, APEC Chairman/Director General – Sir Charles Lepani, APEC Chief Executive Officer – Mr Christopher Hawkins,Air Niugini General-Manager Corporate Services Marco McConnell with some Air Niugini and APEC Co-ordination Authority Staffs.

Air Niugini supporting APEC 2018 PNG as a minor sponsor

Air Niugini comes on board as the APEC 2018 PNG minor sponsor by branding two of its Boeing 737 aircrafts to carry the APEC 2018 PNG logo throughout its flight destinations. Adding on to the two Boeing 737 aircraft, the APEC Co-ordination Authority recently paid for the branding of two Boeing 767 aircrafts to carry the APEC 2018 PNG logo to proudly display during its international flights. This brings to four aircraft now baring the logo to promote the APEC 2018.
APEC Minister Hon. Justin Tkatchenko said during the launching that promoting the country during this period is important and thanked Air Niugini for the move.
 “This is special,” he said. “When our planes fly throughout the world, they will show everybody that APEC is coming to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and that we are hosting this major economic event.
 “We should all be proud, as in the coming months, we’ll be hosting 20 leading economies from around the world,” Minister Tkatchenko said.